Putin and the New Appeasers

There he goes again. When last we heard from U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a fourth-term Republican of California, he was working feverishly to help U.S.-despising Russian dictator Vladimir Putin deflect blame justifiably coming his way over the Boston Marathon bombing. Now, Rohrabacher is being trumpeted by Kremlin-operated newswire service RIA Novosti as claiming that the U.S. is "shooting itself in the foot" by noticing that Russia is sheltering the treacherous Edward Snowden and providing massive military support to the America-hating terrorists of Hizb'allah. Rohrabacher says he likes the "spirit" and "sense of humor" of Russians and says they're the only people in the world that remind him of Americans. Was he referring to Vladimir Putin's repeated jokes about women being raped, perhaps? Then, in a new low for the U.S. House, while speaking to a reporter from another country he referred to his own country as being "tyrannical." Rohrabacher belongs to the school of...(Read Full Article)