Profiling or Situational Awareness?

See also: After Zimmerman: Lessons for a Citizen Carrier Recently American Thinker ran a piece, "Profiling, a Darwinian Necessity," in which author, Richard Butrick, correctly identified the tendency to observe one's surroundings and perceive threats to be a survival mechanism genetically hardwired into human brains, regardless of race or ethnicity. Butrick's observation got me to thinking back to my days as a combat infantryman NCO in Vietnam.  The truth of his premise allowed me to be here now writing this. Looking back to those long-ago years, it's difficult to pinpoint when, as a private, I first heard some Army officer or NCO use the term situational awareness.  Like most young privates, I likely paid little heed to the critical, even mortal, importance of that term. But with more experience in the field as an infantryman, it became obvious to me that one of the essential skills of a successful warrior is a finely honed proficiency in situational awareness....(Read Full Article)