Profile in Cowardice

Ah, the joys of political correctness! No matter how many times we get mugged, maimed or killed by individuals with identifiable characteristics, we must check the rulebook before taking precautions.  Would anyone question the black American experience for a hundred years of post-bellum savagery at the hands of many white Americans?  Would anyone question the mothers of African American girls as recently as 1960 warning their precious daughters to avoid places where white boys, drunk or sober might congregate or even drive by?  Do you think European Jews in the 1930s might have benefitted from more realistic profiling of the Nazis?  Yet look at the harm done by the paranoid antisemites unjustly profiling the Jews. Profiling is the ultimate in double-edged swords.  Nearly all human reasoning begins with some tentative generalization. Only rarely are generalizations completely accurate.  Are all lions dangerous?  Are most lions dangerous? Are...(Read Full Article)