Peeling the Onion of Terrorism

We have a primary enemy: radicalized Islamic terrorists. We can try to understand them, but only after we identify them. Who are radicalized Islamists? It isn't as easy as some might think to know this enemy; ad hoc groups of radicalized Muslims seem to appear and disappear throughout the Mideast and Europe. The only connecting link among them is Islam and that is the conundrum; not all Muslims condone terrorism, indeed most do not, and the Muslims I know are the antithesis of terrorism. The problem is complex, but maybe we can gain some insight into it. The first insight comes from a study of Muslim immigrants in a Danish youth prison by Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels. Denmark was concerned that something like 70% of the inmates of their youth prisons were Muslims. Furthermore, the disproportionate propensity for crime did not abate with succeeding generations. Dr. Sennels studied a group of 350 inmates, of which 250 were Muslim immigrant youths from Mideastern countries. As...(Read Full Article)