Obama Suffers from Compulsive State Aggrandizing Disorder

As a matter of principle I am loath to treat political behavior from a medical perspective. But, there comes a time when the evidence is so overwhelming that a medical framework is appropriate. To wit, I have concluded that President Obama suffers from what a psychoanalyst might call "Compulsive State Aggrandizing Disorder" or CSAD for short. Though slow in arriving, this diagnosis was indisputable when I read about the president's recent New York Times interview. In a nutshell, CSAD is a condition whereby everything is twisted so as to justify expanding government regardless of the risks, costs, or likelihood of success. The parallel is compulsive alcoholism or drug addiction -- the addict refused to stop even when it is obvious that the addiction is the path to ruin. In this interview, Obama expounded about the dangers of growing economic inequality which, said the president, would exacerbate racial tensions, boost unemployment, hinder economic growth, shrink the middle class and...(Read Full Article)