Obama is trapped in Syria

President Obama has now united the world -- not a single country trusts us anymore, because our hero has shafted those who relied on us: Britain, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, even Syria and Libya. Our solemn national pledges kept the peace for sixty years; now they are worthless.  Even Russia's Putin has a visceral dislike for our hero.  Half the American people don't trust Obama either, and now  the rest of the world agrees. Obama has brought unity at last. It's not often that the Saudis and the Israelis agree on the same lethal strategic danger, but they do today. Here is a Saudi commentator on Al Arabiya, Jamal Kashoggi: "When the term "Shiite Crescent" was coined a few years back, it was meant to warn of Iranian expansionism across the Levant. Nowadays ... Shiite fundamentalism is basking in all the glory of triumph.... the Crescent is liable to evolve into a political axis stretching from Tehran to Beirut via Baghdad and Damascus.  It is only...(Read Full Article)