No Country for Fat Men

The Anton Chigurh of Jersey politics has a declared nemesis, and that wouldn't be a Jersey version of Llewelyn Moss. That would be Sarah Palin -- the Mama Grizzly -- who's come to the defense of Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Paul was recently the victim of a drive by whacking compliments of the Garden State's chubby Chigurh -- okay, kinda-sorta Chigurh, in that Chris Christie is far too loutish and pliable to pass for the cool killer in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men (and the Coen Brothers movie of the same name). The Guv may like the hype of being the Chigurh of American politics, but he's pretty much a Garden State-variety big mouth schoolyard bully. Yes, interventions and mandatory anger management have cleansed the nation's white bread grade schools of the Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherfords, but Christie graduated long before all that, and took his bully act to the political arena, where counseling isn't mandatory. Jersey's governor went after Paul ostensibly for Paul's...(Read Full Article)