Next Up: Privacy Moms

Politics always seems to be about women. First it was soccer moms that swooned over midnight basketball. Then it was security moms that wanted the president to keep us safe. Then, in a less kinder, gentler era, it was the Republican war to make Sandra Fluke pay for her own contraception. Now let's Move On -- to the age of the "privacy mom." I've long had a cavalier attitude to privacy. My line was that the IRS already knows everything that anyone would want to know about me. So why worry about the rest of the government and the greedy corporate CEOs? Even so, I have also appreciated that women are much more sensitive about privacy. We could speculate forever on this, but let's just say that nesting animals usually like to hide away until the fledglings are out of the nest. But now comes Peggy Noonan writing about the importance of privacy. Privacy is connected to personhood. It has to do with intimate things -- the innards of your head and heart, the workings of your mind -- and the...(Read Full Article)