Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments

Tomorrow marks the publication of Mark Levin's important new book, The Liberty Amendments. I must confess that I had some trepidation when starting to read it, for as the editor of American Thinker I turn down most submissions that propose amending the Constitution as a solution for what ails us. The reason is simple: amending the Constitution is deliberately difficult to accomplish, so changing it is a solution easy to propose and difficult to dispose. But Mark, whose body of work as a political thinker includes not just the significant tomes Men in Black, Liberty and Tyranny, and Ameritopia but also three hours a day of extemporaneous political talk on one the nation's most popular syndicated talk shows, is in a different category. And not simply because of his stature. The Liberty Amendments consists of a well thought-out program of amendments (offered as a starting point for discussion and modification), combined with a political strategy that could (at least potentially) work:...(Read Full Article)