Loving God, Loving America

What has happened to our Constitutional republic? Where is the rule of law? What about "the consent of the governed"? The President and Attorney General pick and choose which laws they will enforce. Faceless bureaucracies and nine unelected, unaccountable men and women in black robes dictate how we must behave and what we must believe, controlling every aspect of our national life. A screaming pro-abortion mob storms the Texas legislature, injecting chaos to prevent a vote against late-term abortions until after the midnight deadline closes the session. A single district judge, secretly gay, annuls the overwhelming majority decision of California voters rejecting homosexual marriage. This can't be right. You're a Christian and a patriot, frustrated and angry that America's leaders reject God, support Islam, and are moving towards criminalizing Christianity. You love your country and its heritage, but see it being driven towards Marxism and economic collapse. The people doing that...(Read Full Article)