Learning from Rachel Jeantel

To quote Nancy Pelosi, we can now see what's in the Zimmerman-Martin case "without the fog of the controversy". I think the biggest lesson to be learned was from Rachel Jeantel, a friend of Trayvon Martin that testified at the trial. Rachel Jeantel has just had her 15 minutes. Predictable packaged responses full of defensive fury were covered very well by Thomas Lifson's AT article. The left has exhausted her value by attacking and chiding all white people about the racist thoughts they have decided we are feeling. They skipped the fact-gathering and evidence stage and went right for the punishment in a fawning and self-righteous defense of someone not really under attack. I have to hand it to libs, they stand by their own and as long as anyone remembers the girl's name, she will be one of their own. Their message regarding Ms. Jeantel is "You didn't see what you think you saw" "You didn't hear what you think you heard" "I'll tell you what you saw and heard" We hardly ever bother...(Read Full Article)