John Roberts Was Wrong, and Here's Why

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) recently wrote a book, Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare, which is an excellent and compelling read.  Besides providing a gripping argument as to why Justice Roberts was wrong on the ObamaCare ruling, Lee also gives an excellent history and background on the Court and the health care decision itself.  American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing the Senator about his book and ObamaCare. His two main arguments in the book point out how ObamaCare has made federalism extravagant and that there appears to no longer be a separation of power among branches.  Senator Lee explained to American Thinker, "Too much power is consolidated in Washington versus remaining with the states and the people.  There is also too much legislative power being wielded by the Executive and Judicial branches." In his book, Lee writes, "It undermines federalism inasmuch as it sets a precedent for the Court to 'cure' the constitutional defects in a...(Read Full Article)