Jerusalem: Capital Cut-Up Kerry's Latest Joke

Twenty-five years ago, then-senator John Kerry cracked up a business audience in Los Angeles with a joke. Responding to the victory of president-elect George H.W. Bush and his much derided running mate, Kerry said "If anything happens to George Bush, the Secret Service has orders to shoot Dan Quayle." One has only to imagine the uproar today if a conservative had said the same thing about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. But those were more civil times and Kerry had to issue an apology. It was instantly accepted and everybody, as they say, moved on. Well, that was the only joke ever attributed to the normally dour John Kerry. Until now. As President Obama's Secretary of State, John Kerry wants to preside over a final settlement of the thorny Arab-Israeli dispute. He wants to lead off with another capital cut-up. This time, however, the idea is to divide Jerusalem. He is working against a deadline. He wants to achieve this in his tenure as secretary. This would make a nice opening bid for...(Read Full Article)