Is the Pro-Life Community Being Split by Liberal Republicans?

Ohio Senator Rob Portman could have agreed to disagree when Cleveland Right to Life decided to add defense of man/woman marriage to its mission statement. But though his office denies it, Ohio Senator Rob Portman's fingerprints are all over a spiteful move by National Right to Life to "disaffiliate" with Cleveland RTL over the issue. Portman, a formerly conservative Republican, was a supporter of traditional marriage until earlier this year, when he did a complete 180 because his son is now living an openly homosexual lifestyle. Stung by the outrage this provoked from the grassroots and eager to shore up conservative support, Portman then launched a goodwill tour of major Ohio pro-life groups, and as part of a cordial meeting with Cleveland Right to Life, was told that despite his pro-life advocacy, he would no longer be an endorsed candidate due to his stance on marriage. Molly Smith, president of the Cleveland group, which represents eight counties in northeast Ohio, revealed what...(Read Full Article)