Is it Time for Lawfare?

More and more liberals are declaring themselves to be above the law. • Obama thinks the HHS mandate can ignore the First Amendment • A judge in New Mexico thinks that people of faith have to give up their religious liberty as the price of citizenship • Jerry Brown refuses to defend the votes of millions of Californians on Prop 8 • Obama refuses to enforce DOMA before the Supreme Court ruling • Obama arbitrarily changes the dates that Obamacare is supposed to take effect Historically politicians and judges upheld the Constitution and the laws of the land. While there have been exceptions, the sort of brazen actions we're now seeing were unheard of in the past. Unless something is done, it's going to get worse. At the core, liberals believe themselves to be superior to the rest of us, and feel justified in imposing their vision of America by any means necessary. Until recently, liberals primarily used the judiciary to effectively pass "legislation" that could never have...(Read Full Article)