Is Iran behind the Syria gas atrocity?

Things are moving fast to a Cuban Missile Crisis in Syria, where Obama has been outfoxed by a combination of Russia's Putin and the war theocracy of Iran. Today we see the makings of a regional war, with weapons of mass destruction and intercontinental missiles in the mix. World headlines now show gassed bodies of Syrian children near Damascus, challenging Obama to put up or shut up on his ever-retreating "red lines". The most accurate account of the gas attack this week comes from, a site that is close to Israeli intelligence, meaning that it varies between telling the truth and spreading information useful to Israel. However, the French conservative newspaper Le Figaro stole the story from Debka this week, and published it as its own. Here is the story: The sarin nerve gas atrocity of Wednesday, Aug. 21, alleged to have claimed more than 1,000 lives, was the work of the 155th Brigade of the Syrian army's 4th Division, headed by President Bashar Asad's younger brother...(Read Full Article)