Immigration Reform versus Unemployed America

With millions of Americans un- or underemployed, it's difficult to see how any political party that's looking out for the folks would want to import more people. America doesn't seem to be able to provide jobs for the people already here. Yet, importing more people to compete for jobs in a stagnant economy is exactly what Democrats want to do with their comprehensive immigration reform bill that the Democrat-controlled Senate rolled out on June 27. Since the Democratic Party is the party of free stuff, the millions of new American citizens they want to import will vote for Democrats. On the op-ed page of the July 21 issue of the Kansas City Star, columnist Steve Rose writes: Republicans who believe that they can never win another presidential election, given the number of Hispanics who vote Democratic, will be shooting themselves in the foot if they grant amnesty and, thus, give citizenship to millions more Hispanics, who then will be eligible to vote -- and probably will vote...(Read Full Article)