History as Ideology: Further Thoughts on American Betrayal

Writing on this website, Bernie Reeves attempts an evaluation of both Diana West's book and my own critique of it. Their method, particularly that engaged in by Diana West, is one that my colleagues John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr write is that of intellectual "'true believers,' ideological zealots who are mentally incapable of accepting or processing information that undermines their historical worldview... it is as if they wear special glasses that can only see what conforms to their worldview. Information that contradicts their fiercely held view is denied, explained-away, or, most often, simply ignored." Reeves argues that while he respects and knows my work and that of Haynes and Klehr, I was "nitpicking" her facts, by pointing to "contradictory facts." Reeves writes that we are all "excellent researchers and writers," yet somehow we "are all restricted by their profession not to dramatize their findings," connect the dots, and "come to conclusions." This is more than...(Read Full Article)