Fear Not! Obama's Prosecutors Are on the Job

Recently, a little-reported yet extraordinary decision was rendered by a U.S. appeals court.  The meager media mention given the case was laced with levity due to its subject matter.  But it was anything but funny, for it shed immense light on the prosecutorial priorities of the Obama administration and on liberal values regarding crime. President Obama frequently has been criticized for not enforcing the law.  Attorney General Holder has been likewise criticized.  Well, we can take comfort.  Obama's judges and prosecutors are on the job. Yes, it is true that on November 5, 2009, Nidal Hasan was captured red-handed in the act of committing multiple murders, leaving absolutely no doubt about his guilt.  And yes, it took nearly four years to commence his trial, with a prospect of many more years' delay yet to come. And yes, we are unlikely to see the Obama administration prosecute any of its own appointees involved in numerous serious scandals. ...(Read Full Article)