Dhimmitude in the US Military?

At one time race was one of the chief defining factors in marking invidious class distinctions in America.  Racial theories, backed by the pseudo-science of racial genetics, were the chief rationales behind the overt and covert persecution of minorities.  While the battles for minority rights still continue in some respects, it is only fair to acknowledge the tremendous victories for civil rights.  Amazing progress has been made. But that acknowledgement must be accompanied by the recognition that the impulse on the part of powerful elites to oppress certain classes of people has shifted to the overt oppression and persecution of other groups of people -- based not on the color of their skin, but on their religious beliefs.  The constitutional rights of the largest segment of the American populace (Christians and other believers in God) have been routinely eroded and violated for at least fifty years.  During that time, there has been a marked transition...(Read Full Article)