Demonizing Inequality

In 1915, The Supreme Court of the United States, through Justice Mahlon Pitney, acknowledged and embraced what has become perhaps the most-cited argument by those on the Left who oppose conservative and libertarian reforms. Pitney wrote, "it is impossible to uphold freedom of contract and the right of private property without at the same time recognizing as legitimate those inequalities of fortune that are the necessary result of the exercise of those rights." He wasn't wrong. Of course, it is true that in a country as large and diverse as ours, liberty would give society seemingly iinnumerable choices of ideas, products, services, and everything else. These choices would compete with one another in their respective categories for the endorsements of as many individuals in our society as they could earn. Naturally, the mot preferable choices in each category would receive the most endorsements; and, as a result, the givers of those choices would benefit more than those of the less...(Read Full Article)