Demagogic Writers and the People Who Love Them

On any day on the internet you can find many top-ranked writers in serious dispute with each other. Sometimes it's left versus right, but often it's people on the same side in furious disputation over what in the course of things are rather small points. I never write about these. I believe my readers are smart people with full and rich lives, heavily involved in their occupations, families, and community life. Instead, I see the best use of my efforts is to seek out important but undercovered stories or stories where the reporting, the partisan claims and counterclaims make it impossible to get to the truth easily, or events where the most publicized versions are dead wrong: the Haditha "massacre", the trial of Scooter Libby, the Trayvon Martin case, all are richly documented tales of media malpractice. This work is more or less a natural to me. For most of my professional life, my time was spent poring through transcripts, documents, and pleadings to find in all of this jumble an...(Read Full Article)