'Dance with the Girl Ya Brung'

Within the past few weeks, there have been barrels of ink and trillions of pixels consumed by both the political left and right decrying the murderous violence in Egypt since the ouster of the Morsi regime by the Egyptian military. News reports have indicated that multiple hundreds, if not thousands, have been killed on both sides of the Egyptian political divide. And while this slaughter is happening, just what has the "leader of the free world", our president, Barack Hussein Obama, been doing to address this catastrophe? Well, the president, who has been touted as being a truly "pragmatic" leader has involved himself... pragmatically. He's been playing golf while on vacation. Now before my brothers and sisters on the left start rattling on about racism, or that I'm really an unredeemed rodeo clown, what I mean by that is that Obama has done exactly the right thing. It may be the only thing that many consider he's ever done correctly. And by playing golf, he was being...(Read Full Article)