Competing for the Democrat Nomination

The battle lines for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination are already being drawn up.  Hillary, of course, will run.  Joe Biden probably will, too.  Why not?  Vice presidents of two-term presidents often have great advantages, as the nominations of Nixon, Humphrey, George H. Bush, and Gore demonstrate. If more Democrats enter the race -- and there is no reason to doubt that some might -- then the Democrat nomination could becoming a tight race, with no one clearly separating from the pack.  Why not, then, vet and support a conservative Democrat to vie for his party's nomination?  The usual excuses -- Democrats are all leftist, the party elites despise conservatives, it would be impossible to raise money -- are simply defeatism.  Once, both major political parties were "conservative."  Democrats and Republicans both held the same reverence for liberty and traditional American values.  How to realize them was the point of...(Read Full Article)