Christians: On the Front Lines of Muslim Violence

As Egypt's Islamists blame Christians for the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, anti-Christian violence has reached epidemic levels, with an estimated 82 churches across Egypt attacked and heavily damaged by Morsi supporters in a mere 48 hours. Unfortunately, the persecution of Christians is nothing new in Egypt or other Muslim-majority countries.  But thanks to the mainstream media, few Westerners understand the true scale or nature of the horrors involved. As you read this, Christians around the world are being murdered, raped, plundered, abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, or otherwise oppressed by Muslims.  Christians in Muslim-majority areas are some of the most vulnerable and horribly oppressed people on Earth; they live at the mercy of the mob and receive little or no protection from the police or other government institutions. The reach of this silent tragedy is sweeping -- a global religious genocide on "slow burn" with occasional conflagrations that make it...(Read Full Article)