Chasing Squirrels

We may never know what was going on in Benghazi before last year's event there, but despite the much-hyped interview given yesterday by Joe DiGenova, the CIA almost certainly was not shipping U. S. SAMs or SAMs of any kind to Syria: [DiGenova is] a former U.S. attorney who now represents Mark Thompson, one of the so-called "Benghazi whistleblowers"...says he's been told that some "very ugly people" had stolen the missiles, and that the Benghazi annex played a key role in the theft. That's unlikely, and I think that it can safely be said that any SAM's in Libya last year were not SAMs supplied by the U.S. to Libyan rebels prior to Kaddafi's demise -- not even the Obama Administration is dumb enough to supply SAMs to Islamists anywhere these days: Kaddafi had large amounts of SAMs and other sophisticated weaponry, and the rebels got their hands on some or most of them when Kaddafi's regime collapsed. Those rebels are cooperating with other Jihadis in the Maghreb and may be supplying...(Read Full Article)