Bring On the Elephants

Mark Levin has made the case for a constitutional convention called by the states in order to consider certain very carefully drawn amendments -- The Liberty Amendments. Every one of my stars aligns but one -- that is the "ministerial" role of the existing Congress. I trust Congress about as far as I can throw the building I'm sitting in and fervently hope such a convention would actually sit in in Prairie Rapids, maybe in Honolulu, maybe in Austin -- anywhere but inside the Beltway. Otherwise -- sign me up Mark, I'm in. Because like any number of other emotionally exhausted conservatives, I am past tired of trying to convince the federal government to reform itself. Burned out trying to get them to stop debasing the Constitution, rewarding itself and its friends out of our pockets, crushing individual initiative and industry and lowering our children and grandchildren's standard of living. And I'm really, really sick of the unconscionable and unconstitutional power being exercised by...(Read Full Article)