Are Republicans Too Smart For Their Own Good?

Have you ever wondered why Republican presidential candidates seem to be far more knowledgeable about the pressing issues facing the nation whilst armed with specific, detailed plans to solve the problems that confront us, but still fail miserably come election time? Is it possible Republicans have become too smart for their own good? Before you scoff, consider that the vast majority of Americans don't make decisions intellectually. They make them emotionally. In fact, if people made decisions intellectually and analytically, our economy would die. Companies count on the consumer buying from emotion. If he or she didn't, our GDP would be far lower than it is, and unemployment far higher. Don't believe me? Ask one of your friends who's a salesperson whether he or she appeals to a prospect's intellect or emotions. Whether you like it or not, it's assuredly the latter. Consider the industry of marketing. Has a radio or television ad actually ever led you to make a purchase?...(Read Full Article)