American Education: a Lesson in Incoherence

In a recent American Thinker article, Thomas Lifson made the astute observation that the American higher education system has "got[ten] fat, lazy, inward-focused, and expensive during its decades of monopoly on certification of higher end new labor force entrants." No truer words have been spoken on the state of the post-secondary establishment in the USA and other western democracies. The liberal dominated higher education system will, of course, attempt to deny these charges. But the data is against them. The OECD released a 2012 report looking at the educational systems of its member states. The results are not promising for tertiary education in the USA. The USA has a below-average employment rate for tertiary educated 25-64 year olds, ranked 10th worst among 35 countries, with the corresponding unemployment rate in this same group well above the OECD average. America also has a below average proportion of full-time earners among 25-64 year-old tertiary-educated individuals with...(Read Full Article)