A Swiss Clerk Teaches Us About Racism and Profiteering

Is racism a real problem in the United States, or is it the calculated and fraudulent branding and stigma that strategically attaches to the target of an accusation of racism? That exploitation, ignoring for now the damage it does to its target, has proven to be very profitable to the accusers, whether in pursuit of employment, admissions, benefits, political power or even promoting a movie. Apart from the sympathy that flows to the self-proclaimed "victim", even if reflexively rather than from any merit in the accusation, there is the publicity and the opportunity to decry the affront, which is the victim's new right. There is the priceless platform for the victim to force him or herself on the public, which is not otherwise offered to those living quietly in one of the least racist countries in the world. Where's the publicity or gain in merely living as a person to whom every opportunity is available to achieve unlimited success? There is a purposeful malice in this exploitation...(Read Full Article)