A Hotbed Boils Over

Israeli papers are abuzz about the brutal tasing of the right-wing pioneer, Boaz Albert, by IDF soldiers. It is causing a scandal in Israel. Mr. Alpert is a religious Jew who feels that he has a God-given right to settle anywhere in the land of Israel, even in violation of Israeli court orders. He lives in the Yitzhar community, which has outposts deemed illegal by Israel. Religious pioneers take their cue from Torah, not Israeli courts, and build anyway. This only adds to the friction with neighboring Arabs who see this as aggression. The Yitzhar area is noted for violent struggle. Killings, shootings, crop burnings, and destruction have been reported coming from both sides. With any event, it is hard to know who started it. Two Jews were killed on August 5, 1998, by terrorists. In 2008, a vigilante attack shot up a nearby Arab village, wounding eight people, and torching houses in retaliation for the stabbing of a nine-year-old Jewish boy. Ehud Olmert called the attack a pogrom...(Read Full Article)