Clowning the Os

Who has not heard about the "iniquitous", white (and therefore guilty -- like Zimmerman, who of course is not white, but never mind) rodeo clown who donned an Obama mask? Who has not gotten wind of the Ruling Aristocrat Oprah Winfrey's manufacture of a "racist victimization incident" with a Swiss sales clerk? In consideration of the content of many conservative articles and comments on the subjects, I am going to be so bold as to suggest that many conservatives still do not want to come to grips with the true function of racial discourse in this country. As a consequence, many conservative responses are as naïve as they are myopic. Protestations of the form "look at the Bush masks; look all the Bush hate; the sales clerk wasn't a racist after all and Oprah should apologize" are fruitless, and will continue to be fruitless until matters are set right. Matters are not going to be set right until Americans take fully on board the brute fact that the "dialogue" on race in this country...(Read Full Article)