A Day 'Selling' Obama Phones

We walked around toward the rear of the building, where the government offices were located.  Another young man was already there, a company ID card hanging over his T-shirt.  The two marketers with whom I had come informed me that this more casually clad fellow was from a competing firm.  Apparently, representatives from both companies frequently came to the same corner to give away free government-funded mobile phones from different manufacturers and carriers.  This was a prime contact point because of the government offices inside the building, and I expected the usual tense moment that tends to occur when two competitors are forced to operate within close confines.  However, no such moment ever came.  Everyone nodded a friendly greeting, and the work commenced. The reason for the lack of competitive spirit soon became evident.  It was not long before the marketer I was shadowing, signing someone up for a mobile phone, immediately referred her...(Read Full Article)