A Brief Introduction to Britain's Unite Against Fascism

Around a couple of months ago, the British 'anti-fascist' group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) sent a letter to the British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) demanding that it implement what you could only call its Lesser Gulag Policy; or, as they put it, the 'no platform policy'. It demanded that the BBC -- and all other media outlets -- never interview anyone who is in any way critical of Islam or of the behavior of Muslims (as Muslims). That UAF did so was an incredible screech of hypocrisy. They simply didn't get the irony of demanding such a fascist measure to silence what they deemed to be 'fascists' (the UAF's Set of Fascists has very many members). Unite Against Fascism So who or what is Unite Against Fascism? Primarily UAF is a front group for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), which is a Trotskyist revolutionary group that used to severely patronize the English working class until Muslims, in large numbers, came on the British scene. (America has its own Socialist Workers...(Read Full Article)