Your Place in the Database

Regarding the American surveillance state, it seems that the truth comes out a little at a time. We learned about the FBI's Carnivore in the 1990s, which the copied internet data of people whom the agency deemed "reasonably suspicious."  In September 2001, we saw the worst attacks on America since Pearl Harbor.  September 11 left a unified country in its wake, but unfortunately, it was also a country more acquiescent than ever to big government.  The PATRIOT Act was quickly shuttled through the lawmaking process, and life went on.  We found out about NSA domestic wiretapping from a brave AT&T whistleblower in 2006.  The program was given the formality of legality (though not constitutionality) in 2007.  Would it have been had no one blown the whistle? The surveillance state became even more unsettling with the Change of 2009, no less after political campaigning by the victor against domestic spying.  We found out in 2009 that returning veterans...(Read Full Article)