Why Environmental Professionals Hate All of the Above

For many environmental leaders, "clean energy" is a moving target.  What was acceptable last year is no longer so, and the question is why. In terms of carbon emissions, natural gas is twice as clean as coal.  That was once good enough to earn it lukewarm praise from many green supporters.  Now, with the U. S. Energy Department projecting that gas will be the fastest-growing global fuel source through 2040, environmental leaders have turned against it.  They now claim that hydraulic fracturing causes catastrophic damage to the earth, air, and water, and that natural gas was never that clean to begin with. What's behind this change of heart?  Maybe it's the need to continue the struggle.  Admitting that natural gas is clean and that America has enough of it to power the country for a century -- where would that leave the leaders of environmental groups that now raise hundreds of millions in donations?  It might leave them having to make a living...(Read Full Article)