Whistles, Whistleblowers and Rats

Whistles are in the news these days; wolf whistles, dog whistles, and government whistle blowers. All are, given allowances for pitch and volume, propelled by the same hot air. We might begin with wolf whistles, the traditional or spontaneous noise men make when encountering attractive women, that moment when libido goes on autopilot.  Wolf whistles are of two sorts; lewd and licensed. The lewd whistle is often heard at job sites and might qualify as a kind of sexual harassment. The official wolf whistle is muted; as when looks are a job requirement. Muted wolf whistles are the Muzak of human resource (nee personnel) offices at Media conglomerates. Network newsies, male and female, are a kind of corporate whistle bait. Wolf Whistles Most local and national news teams are a surface study in diversity; men, women, and a rainbow of races and skin tones. But if you look twice at news women, it's hard not to think; "pole dancer." Some media babes even help with suggestive...(Read Full Article)