What Now?

Twenty-five years ago I embarked on a personal mission to change the faces sitting in the seats of government.  At the time, I had been awakening to the lessons of history and didn't like the direction our country was headed.  Like many others, I believed that slugging it out in the political arena was the only way to right the listing ship.  I was wrong.  That's not to say that political war isn't one part of the solution.  But now I see that this was only half of the solution, and that the other half is probably even more important.  So, the best I could have hoped for was to buy time.  But, time for what? I now see that, like Vietnam, we had lost the war before it started and -- surprisingly -- for the same reason we lost in Vietnam: we had lost the culture.  When that occurs, you're finished before you begin.  Almost nobody now remembers why we went to Vietnam in the first place.  I do.  Here we were, 12,000 miles away,...(Read Full Article)