We're Done, Mr. President

It's pure coincidence, but in the week that the president's speechwriters were beavering away on his "35 years ago" soliloquy, Lady Marjorie and I watched a couple of DVDs with a racial subtext. The better of the two was the Satyajit Ray movie Mahanagar, or "Big City," about a saintly Bengali wife and mother going out to work as a saleswoman. The movie turns on the unjust firing of a co-worker of the heroine, a young Anglo-Indian woman. The Bengali heroine is outraged by her Bengali boss's racism and quits her job on principle. The term Anglo-Indian comes from the system of racial classification of the British Raj. On that system -- and system is domination -- our president would be considered a white Kenyan; so he would have a lot in common with George Zimmerman, classified by our mainstream media racial system as white Hispanic. The movie was all very uplifting, but the president soon brought us back to earth. Andrew C. McCarthy wants us to believe that the "35 years ago" line and...(Read Full Article)