We're Done, Mr. President

It's pure coincidence, but in the week that the president's speechwriters were beavering away on his "35 years ago" soliloquy, Lady Marjorie and I watched a couple of DVDs with a racial subtext.

The better of the two was the Satyajit Ray movie Mahanagar, or "Big City," about a saintly Bengali wife and mother going out to work as a saleswoman. The movie turns on the unjust firing of a co-worker of the heroine, a young Anglo-Indian woman. The Bengali heroine is outraged by her Bengali boss's racism and quits her job on principle.

The term Anglo-Indian comes from the system of racial classification of the British Raj. On that system -- and system is domination -- our president would be considered a white Kenyan; so he would have a lot in common with George Zimmerman, classified by our mainstream media racial system as white Hispanic.

The movie was all very uplifting, but the president soon brought us back to earth.

Andrew C. McCarthy wants us to believe that the "35 years ago" line and the Department of Social Justice tip line for you to report Zimmerman civil-rights abuses is part of a desperation tactic for the 2014 midterms. Since ObamaCare and the numerous scandals spell disaster, the only thing left is to gin up the base with the race card.
But I think that the president and his execrable Attorney General are really just doing their part to make the U.S. into a post-racial society.

The great truth of the Obama phenomenon is that the president was elected by a white majority yearning to put race behind us. And the likeable young candidate Obama did his best to encourage us in our yearning. In reality, we discovered, the president does not adhere the Church of Let's All Just Get Along; he's a faithful member of the Church of Social Justice, Alinsky Tradition, and so is everyone else in the Obama administration.

In spite of the president trying to legislate the morality of his Alinskyite church, we are going to get to a post-racial society anyway, only not quite in the way we thought. We hoped, we naïve innocents, that the First Black President would declare racial politics over, and issue a blanket pardon to all white Americans as a reward for being teacher's pets and overcoming our institutional racism to elect the First Black President. But that's not the way it's going to work at all.

Instead all Americans except white liberals and black liberal plantation slaves are going to say to themselves: "I'm Done." As in, I've had it up to here with race politics and I'm not going to take it anymore. Call me a racist, call me a bigot. I don't give a damn.

And really, how else was race politics going to end? Race politics is like a rat punching a button to get a reward. Every time you hit the button you get a reward. Why would you stop?

You wouldn't stop punching the reward button until the rewards stopped coming. You wouldn't stop until long after the rewards stopped coming. You -- the rat -- would probably be nearly dead from starvation before you stopped punching that button and started to look around for something else to eat.

Why would liberals or blacks be any different? After all, to say that a liberal or a black is better than a rat is nothing more than rank speciesism, an attitude that all evolved people strongly deprecate.

But here is another angle. You know how our liberal friends keep telling us that war is not the answer and defense contractors are Merchants of Death? So why would an Obama-sponsored race war backed by the Reverends of Race be any different?

Does the president care that his race war is going to segregate African Americans even more from the mainstream of American life? And after the American people say "I'm done" the liberals' loyal African American rank-and-file will be left with their young men still in jail, their women still without husbands, their children still fatherless, still failing to learn cursive at lousy schools, and their young generation still unable to get decent jobs, let alone afford to buy their own homes.

At that point, what difference would it make?

There's a reason why the Bible goes on and on about living and dying by swords and plowshares, and not putting trust in princes. War is tremendous fun for the generals, but not so great for the front-line grunts. Same thing with politics. It's tremendous fun for the ruling class, but not so great for the subjects camping out in the ruins of Detroit or dodging bullets in the streets of Chicago.

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