We are Paula Deen

I am from the south. I was reared in a small southern town. Paula Deen and I are about the same age. As I look at my Facebook page, I see you guys from my high school -- liberal schoolteachers, liberal Cosmo-reading sophisticates, state workers, law-enforcement officers, elected officials, and big-time corporate executives. Once we shared space and lives in a small southern town. Each one of you should be thankful that you never reached Paula Deen's celebrity status. If you had, today you would be in the midst of a crapstorm from hell. In our town the n-word was used: not as frequently as many of you readers imagine but it was used. Every one of us used it at one time or another. We didn't coin the word. We didn't invent bigotry or racism. We simply were reared in a small Southern town. Though the term was used, it was not applied to every African-American. It was used sort of like "trailer trash" is used today to describe poor Southerners. Many of you will be horrified to learn that...(Read Full Article)