Warren Lee Hill is not Dumb; He's a Murderer

A thirty-four-year-old Georgia inmate, Joseph Handspike, was murdered in his jail cell bed with a nail-embedded board on Aug. 17, 1990. He made for easy prey while asleep and defenseless. His murderer, and cellmate, Warren Lee Hill, planned it that way. Hill proved himself capable of devising and executing a plan in which he: 1. Waited until the victim was asleep before attacking so as to ensure the full element of surprise; 2. Used a bludgeoning object so as to inflict maximum damage; 3. Turned said bludgeoning object into a lethal weapon by embedding it with nails secured from underneath the cell sink. 4. Struck at the victim with the lethal weapon until he was dead (repeat step 4 as needed). He carried each step out dutifully according to the official report: In regards to the victim's injuries, a correctional officer testified that the victim was badly beaten in the upper body and face. The victim was bleeding profusely from his wounds, several teeth were knocked out and his left...(Read Full Article)