War on 'The Way We Live'

The June 30th edition of the left-wing Detroit Free Press carried an editorial titled "A war on climate change." Like most mass-media copmmentaries on the subject, it's a full endorsement of all the global warming hysteria and nonsense of the government-sponsored climate-change scam. The article starts with: Climate change is surely the looming disaster of our time. Scientists say it's inevitable that sea levels will rise 2 1/2 --6 1/2 feet--sufficient to endanger of wipe out many cities. One scientist believes that, in the long term, 69 feet of sea level rise is inescapable. This idea of disastrous sea level rise has been debunked many times in the past at sites like Watts Up With That by Anthony Watts among others. The article continues: And the source of the swelling oceans -- rising temperatures -- will stress the nation's food system while the increasing number of devastating storms will place an economic burden on a nation reeling from disaster to disaster,...(Read Full Article)