Two Americans -- a Film Review

This film attempts to reduce the unfortunate inrush of millions of undocumented persons into our country to a bumpy and not invisible theatre of manufactured experiences. The plight of the new self-created polity of illegals is all we are exposed to, as if there were no legal back-structure or consequences to our country -- to every land -- as they crush our infrastructure's ability to contain or manage this invasion. We are shown weepy photogenic children who are the born-here offspring of the sometime-incarcerated sneak-in parents. The Constitutional amendment meant for freed slaves is being abused to permit untold millions of extra-nationals to drop babies here and become poof! Instant cereal citizens of this great nation. These cute ragamuffins mewl about how hard it is to go to school daily without their parents to wake them. (They stay with relatives who take up the parental reins for the months the parents are in ICE jail custody.) The moms are busy getting pregnant...(Read Full Article)