The Paula Deen Witch Hunt

No era is complete without the demonization and purging of scapegoats by those who deem themselves able to discern who is allied with the Powers of Darkness.  Every age has folk accused of being witches and warlocks.  There is always someone like Matthew Hopkins, who believed he was uniquely qualified to identity them, be it through the spotting of bodily defects like warts, birthmarks or second breasts used to suckle imps.  Hopkins identified some 230 witches who were eventually executed.   For some, especially leftists, the witch of the day is Paula Deen.  Her use of the "N" word years ago is seen as the equivalent of a linguistic wart, the verbal portal through which the very Devil entered into her.  She must perforce be eliminated from civil society. It is not enough that Deen, who seems genuinely penitent but a bit confused as to why she continues to be the target of such unremitting and savage attacks (including mockery of her tears), has...(Read Full Article)