The Not-So-Untouchables

When things go south, both parties look to their governors to revitalize their fortunes. The Democrats in the 1980s used the Democratic Leadership Council, stocked with promising governors like Bill Clinton, to develop traction against the Reagan Revolution. Republicans a decade and a half later embraced George W. Bush and his record in Texas to regain the White House. With 30 gubernatorial seats, the GOP is now as primed as ever to trumpet the success of its state executives. But unfortunately success is far from the whole story. Beneath the surface of the top-tier Republican governors who are taken seriously both as national figures and as presidential candidates (Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback, Scott Walker) is a string of disappointments and outright flops. Consider the case of Florida governor Rick Scott. A former hospital executive, he self-financed his way to success as a novice candidate in 2010 in part by using the fresh unpopularity of the health...(Read Full Article)