The Nifonging of George Zimmerman

There is an aphorism to the effect that there is only a small difference between police and criminals, just as there is only a small difference between sheep dogs and wolves.  It is that small difference, however, that distinguishes heroes from enemies of society.  Sheep dogs and wolves are members of the same species, and both are physically and temperamentally capable of killing other animals.  The key difference is, of course, that sheep dogs never harm the sheep they protect from the wolves.  A police officer must, like the violent criminals he or she arrests, be similarly capable of handling a physical confrontation if he or she is to protect innocent people. No civilized society can tolerate a sheep dog that turns on the sheep, or a police officer or prosecutor who uses his or her authority against innocent people for personal or political gain.  This is why, for example, the U.S. Code includes a provision for "color of law" violations of civil rights....(Read Full Article)