The Mind-Boggling Implications of a Bitcoin Economy

Just when we thought we had seen the last great innovation of our age, something new appears.  Like the internet that came before, an obscure open-source computer protocol is poised to create and destroy whole industries and has already become a source of agita for government types the world over.  While much has been said and written about the nascent crypto-currency's underlying technology and recent volatility, one nagging question remains: what if Bitcoin emerges as a viable and sound currency, just as the world's central banks reduce their notes to confetti?  If this simple question doesn't inspire chills, perhaps it should, given Bitcoin's potential to overwrite the matrix of the world's ailing currency system even faster than the internet went mainstream.  This will be among the topics of discussion this October at an unusual gathering of libertarians, economists, and computer scientists in Atlanta for the first ever Crypto-Currency Conference. For the...(Read Full Article)