The Impending Train Wreck of ObamaCare

Many have called ObamaCare a train wreck.  As it gets closer to implementation, most of its multiple implications are being revealed as terrible.  Many Americans have already seen the effects: college graduates are hired only as part-time employees without health benefits; many doctors are saying, "This is my fee; pay it and submit the claims on your own"; and other doctors are refusing to take on new patients.  American Thinker interviewed health care experts to get their opinion on why ObamaCare is a disaster. The White House has delayed the employer mandate for a year.  Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee chairman, believes that "[t]he White House delay really creates opportunities to show how it is not ready for businesses and families, the two key pillars of this law.  The White House actions show this is not workable and embarrassingly not ready.  Out of fairness for the workers, the individual mandate should...(Read Full Article)