The Ethics of Sacrifice, the Politics of Slavery

Bad political ideas come from bad ethical ideas, which are originally spread by the words of bad philosophers. Progressives and their Utopian counterparts throughout history have pushed a corrupt and inverted morality on the world, causing man to act as his own destroyer. It is from an individual's ethics that his politics are formed. Our government is flush with officials, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, who hold a Progressive political ideology. The end result of the Progressive political ideology is collectivism and statism. Not coincidentally these results are identical to those garnered from other specialized ideologies like Communism, Fabianism, socialism, National Socialism (Nazism), fascism, Globalism, corporatism, cronyism, Pan-Islam, etc. And they all have a common ethics as their root. Each ideology is convinced the government in whatever form, can make a perfect society in its own image by controlling every aspect of its citizens' lives; groups of men are cattle or...(Read Full Article)